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The Kosher Challenge 

A Divine Diet

We invite you to join the One Week Kosher Challenge and go completely Kosher for one full week!!

Monday, June 5th - Sunday, June 11th


Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think and Chabad will be there to help you complete the Kosher Challenge.

Sign up for the Kosher Challenged and Chabad will provide fresh and delicious kosher dinners, and pack a kosher lunch, every day of the week.

Plus, learn about the kosher laws, and the deeper insight as to what it adds to your daily life. Food for the body, Food for the soul!


The Kosher Challenge week will culminate with a fine Kosher Dinning Experience for all who successfully completed the challenge.

$18 Entrance Fee

You Can Do It!


Kosher Challenge Sign Up Form 

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