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Sinai Scholars is an incredible eight-week course exploring "The Core" of Jewish Living!


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Students who complete Sinai Scholars will be
eligible for a FREE Trip to Israel or receive $350 Stipend.


More Details:

· No prior Jewish Education necessary

· Textbooks will be provided

· Classes are mostly discussion based

· Classes will be held on Wednesdays 7:00 - 5:00 pm at the Chabad House

· Participants will be eligible for a FREE trip to Israel  or a stipend of up to $350

· Space is VERY limited


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More Information 

Sinai Scholars is a program offered on college campuses nationally.

 It is an eight-week course that discusses core Jewish topics including 

Jewish Identity, Love and Marriage, Overcoming Personal Struggles

and The Meaning of Shabbat. We will cover questions like 

“What is the purpose of life?” or “do archaic laws from 3,000 years ago

make any sense in today’s society?”

This program involves a commitment of your time.
As such, there is a $350 stipend given to all students
who complete the Sinai Scholars Course requirements.