Chai Club 

The Chabad at UCI
Alumni Giving Circle 

As a member of the Chai Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s in this special club, will allow us to continue serving as a home away from home for hundreds of young Jewish students and allow us to reach out like never before. 

Become a Chai Club Member by committing to a monthly donation in a multiple of 18, or Chai which means life in Hebrew.

Chai Club

Devin Yaeger

Justin Saba

Ashely Saba

Benyamin & Polina Tehrani

Omri Gabay

Ariel Barnoy

Shadi Lalezari

Leah Jablon
Noah ​

Susy Malca
Alex Silver

Josh & Brigit Jacoby

The Rohr Chabad Jewish Center at UCI is committed to providing wonderful and enriching programs for every Jewish Student at UCI, and our continued growth is made possible by the support we receive from friends like you.


Each Chabad Center is self-supporting and is not financed by Chabad World Headquarters in New York.


To help support the efforts of The Rohr Chabad Jewish Center at UCI ,
we have created the Chai Club Alumni Circle and are inviting you to become our partner.

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