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Provide a Seder Experience for a College Student

This Year.


Ensure a Bright Jewish Future for Years to Come.

Passover Appeal




Dear Friends,


What energizes people? Though the answer is likely different for each individual, I think it safe to say that spending time with family and watching our loved ones grow and succeed is definitely energizing for all.


My wife and I enjoy watching our children become happy adults. But our family includes more than just our kids. Our family is our student family. The students at UC Irvine know that our house is their home and that here they are welcomed not “like family,” but because they are our family. Seeing the students of UCI succeed in their studies and in their personal growth energizes us!


When Passover comes every year we see our student family at our Chabad House in record numbers. The welcoming environment we create for them is our greatest delight and joy!


Keeping the doors to Chabad House open, the place spick and span and the fridge well stocked with Passover delicacies doesn’t only take lots of effort, it is expensive too. During the course of the eight days of Passover we expect to consume dozens of pounds of the hand-baked matzo and many more of meat, chicken, produce and more. We are bringing in extra help to set up and clean up. It is going to be a great Passover!


Miriam and I need your financial support to make this Passover succeed. I am writing today to ask you to please join us by making a generous contribution to Chabad at UCI.


Please bear in mind that 100% of your gift will go towards providing Passover needs. $18, $25, $36, $50, $100 or $10,000; every dollar counts to help ensure Chabad‘s continued success. Please make the largest tax-deductible contribution you can to Chabad at UCI.


On behalf of Miriam and myself, I wish you a most happy and joyous Passover! We appreciate and are grateful to you in advance for your kindness. May G-d Almighty grant you the pleasure of watching your loved ones lead happy and productive lives serving G-d, their families and mankind. Thank you! Chazak!









Rabbi Zevi Tenenbaum




P.S. If you know of any student who needs our help, please do not hesitate to call me at (949) 280-8998 or email at Rabbi@JewishUCI.COM.


P.S. When considering your gift, please remember that we are here to make sure that no Jewish student at UCI is without family nearby because at Chabad, every Jew is family! Thanks again!!

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Please partner with us in providing  a warm and meaningful Seder experience for Jewish Students in Orange County.

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Please make checks payable to:
Chabad at UCI

12 Oxford
Irvine, CA 92612

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