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The Rohr Chabad at UCI
Expansion  Campaign


Chabad at UCI's Impact 

The Rohr Chabad at UCI has been faithfully serving the young Jewish community for over ten years.


Hundreds of students and young adults have felt welcome in their Jewish 'Home away from Home'in Orange County. Rabbi Zevi and Miriam aim to create a warm and inviting place where young Jews can experience the joy of Jewish living, friendship and family.

Our Goal is to provide, social and educational opportunities for Jewish students to connect and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for Jewish Values​.

About Campaign

An Exciting Opportunity

Chabad has been presented with the opportunity to enlarge the facility.
This will allow us to accommodate the growing crowd and the need for adequate hosting area as well as a proper kitchen that can keep up
with the food prep demands.

 We Need Your Help! 

You can help make this a reality. Please partner with us. Together we can continue this vital task of empowering the next
generation of Jews in Orange County and beyond.


The Rohr Chabad at UCI has been blessed with hundreds of Alumni, Student Families and community members who continue to support our ongoing activities.


We are reaching out to you, the philanthropists and charitable leaders in our community. Please consider a generous
contribution towards our Expansion Campaign thereby, increasing our potential exponentially.


Dedication opportunities are available and are a meaningful way to honor a loved one.


Thank you!!!

 Dedication Opportunities

Invest in Jewish Student Life and Ensure a Bright Jewish Future!

Room Dedications

Chabad House Dedication

Shabbat Room


Kosher Kitchen

Welcome Parlor

Ark & Bookshelf
Jeff & Elana

Student Lounge 
In Loving Memory of David Rock OBM

Brett & Donna


Torah Bimah
In Loving Memory of Zaidy Groner

English Book Collection
Peter & Hazel

Hand-Washing Station
Benyamin & Polina

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding Room Dedications
please contact Rabbi Zevi at 949-280-8998 or via email at


Avraham & Devorah Hayman
Yitzchok ben Leah


The Saba Family
Trevor & Lauren Solomon


Marc & Mandy Maister
Jeff & Miki Silverstein
Gary & Carole Winkler


Charles & Leah Bonner
Gene & Linda Goldsman
Andor and Joanne Terner

Alumni Leaders

Gidon Bonner
Alex Silver
Leo Vinogradov


Alumni Brick

Gavriel & Chana Blanks
Josh & Brigit Jacoby
Omri Gabay





Alumni Leaders-$1,800

Alumni Bricks-$1,000

Your generous gift will be recognized with a plaque on The Rohr Chabad at UCI Dedication Wall.



What Students Are Saying About Chabad ...



More About Chabad

Mission Statement

Young Jewish Adults leave home to become one of 35,242 students at UCI. As they are exposed to new ideas and experiences, the choices they make will significantly impact their life.

Chabad at UCI is there to welcome each individual student, assisting with their emotional and physical wellbeing. This is done by providing a “Home Away From Home” and a safe haven, offering a wealth of social, spiritual and educational programs.

The goal is to help students graduate with a stronger sense of Jewish Identity and a greater appreciation for Jewish values, so that we empower the next generation of active leaders and ensure a bright Jewish future.

A Home Away From Home


At the core of Chabad’s success lies our complete dedication to the holistic wellbeing of each individual student.

The Chabad House at UCI has become the Home away from Home and a safe haven for hundreds of Jewish Students in Orange County.

Chabad at UCI is more than a Community,

It's Family!


Weekly Student
Shabbat Dinners


Chabad’s weekly Shabbat Dinners have become the cornerstone of the Jewish Community at UCI.

Every year hundreds of students and young professionals will enjoy a homemade five-course Shabbat Dinner.

Sharing the Joy and Inspiration of Jewish Life with the Next Generation

Jewish Learning & Values

Students explore and discover the timeless messages, eternal beauties and unlimited joys of their heritage.

Chabad at UCI’s educational programs aim to develop students’ Jewish Identity and a love for the Land of Israel.

​Empowering the Jewish Leaders of the Future.


Israel Education
and Advocacy

Jewish Students on college campuses across America are experiencing anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitism.

Chabad at UCI empowers students at UCI with Israel Education and
Advocacy opportunities.

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